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[QUOTE=dafiryde;1491]it must be age. :confused:
all i had in it was a Nikon D90/grip, 17-55 lens, 70-300 lens, 360 flash :eek:
i did not have with me but i own a lowepro flipside and lowepro versapack,
but i like the convenience and draw speed of a F3X.
But i aint going thru that pain again.

can i over come that


Sell that stuff and go get yourself an M8 and a few Voigtlander/Zeiss/Leica primes. I don't even feel that stuff when I'm carrying it. I have to hold it down to keep it from floating away.

(ducking and running :))

Seriously, though, another thing to try (maybe after the post office pad) is a wider strap that "gives" a little. I use with my Canon 30D + giant lenses, and it really helps a lot. Makes the behemoth feel a lot lighter. I think it's an Op-Tech, and they may make them for bags, as well.

If I'm carrying a full-on kit of SLR stuff (30D, 70-200L, 150 f/2.8, 50 f/1.4), I found it helpful to use a combo of belt strap + shoulder strap. It spreads out the weight a bit.

Good luck...
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