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Replacement Strap for really old F2
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Default Replacement Strap for really old F2

I bought a navy blue with sand accents & strap Domke bag (the original version of the F2) back in about 1979. After years of service, the strap finally shredded and gave out several months ago. I’ve tried a couple of different bags but old habits are hard to break and I’d really like to get back into my old Domke. B.T.W., my old bag doesn’t have any holes in it, just that nice worn look that trendy people like to pay now days. Back in the old days, the strap was 2” wide and was sewed together instead of using a plastic stay. Does Domke offer a replacement strap for these bags? All I’ve seen on the website are 1 and 1 ½” straps.
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