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Hi Steve,

There are a few ways to get these results, but still images can be tampered with in post so it can be extremely difficult to tell !!
Ex: A) This looks like post, glass streak filters normally work of hot spots, thought the face has highlights I do not think they are strong enough to catch the streak they are giving. This may be DFX software.

EX: B) This could be a few things; an of set prism, a reflection of an optical flat. Another way that Motion Picture cameras to capture a streak or smear is to miss time the shutter ! Or a slow exposure and a slight movement will add some streaking or flare. This image could have been shot through a revolving door. The beauty of glass is experimenting in camera.

It does look however that a Low Con or Promist filter may be in the equation somewhere.

Sometimes it not just a filter, but a combination of factors and processes. Have fun.

C Duffy.
Technical Director (Filters) Tiffen International Ltd.
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