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Can somebody help me a little on the bag selection ?
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Default Can somebody help me a little on the bag selection ?

I’m looking for to buy a classic Domke bag as a walkaround bag, but I cannot conclude which one will fit my requirements.
Also I’m a little confused with the given dimensions since I show see different external and internal dimension indications on various sites, so I’m not sure which ones are valid. :confused:
The problem is that there is no local store where o live (Greece- Europe) to take a closer look , I’m intending to purchase the bag from the states. That means that I do not have the option to return it back to the store.

The gear I want to carry on the Domke is (for full gear I have a Lowepro backpack)
One Body: Nikon D300s
Three Lenses:
Tokina 12-24 f4, Nikon 35mm 1.8, and Nikon 50mm D 1.4 (or optional Nikon 85mm 1.8 instead of the 50mm 1.4)
One Flash: SB-600
Plus: Flash synch cable, 77mm pol filter in his plastic case, lens hoods, some very small accessories and I would be happy if there is also some space for some small personal items (wallet, keys, cell phone).

[B][U]Desired Configuration[/U][/B]:
Actually I want to have always one lens attached on the D300s so it can be in readiness (essential for the smaller primes, and optional for the Tokina 12-24 )
Even if I like the idea of the light padded bag which adds on functionallity I would like to have the option to add occasionally some extra protection (around 1/2 inch, i can use some inserts from otheer bags i have) on the sides when I thing that soke extra protection is needed.

My Thoughts for the bags i show are:
The F-2 seems to be big enough and with some free space, but very small weight difference compared to the other ones (with the same gear of course) but my concern is the it’s a little too long with the total length of 17 inch.

The F-6 seems to be one of the best options, but I don’t know if everything can fit there correctly .
Alternatively to the F-6 maybe also the F4-AF, from what I understood it’s smaller internally but it has the side pockets (for the flash , lens hoods, pol filter…)

The F-3x seems to be too small for the above requirements and it would be diffucult to add some extra protection i desired

Did I maybe miss something on the above thoughts?
Has anybody any commend or suggestion on the above.

I would really highly appreciate if somebody can help me a little, since it's very difficult to decide for a bag, just looking specs and pictures on the PC. Thatsway i though to ask for suggestion from someones which are using these bags...
Sorry for my long post, but I though it will be good to provide all the details

Many Many Thanks
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