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I have personally changed bags like underwear, on a computer they sound good ( great advertising )
i buy and still find only the F3X gives comfort with convenience and most important - accessability.
It may sound big but with your gear listed, a few pats here and there an it will get small.
At present i have a nikon d300s with grip and 17-55 lens attached in the middle the middle front i have 900 flash and on either side of the main compartment has 70-300 and 8-16 . i dont put much in the outer pocket as i dont like a bag sticking out too much.
that set up will also fit in the F6, the reason i prefer the F3x is that when you take something out, the bag gets smaller whereas the f6 because of the padding stays the same size. it also has a 1 1/2 " strap, i prefer the 2" strap.
that on the f3x . also the f3x has rings on the back that you can attach the backpack strap which is super as you can use the back stap also as a shoulder strap.
another thing on padding, one does not really need it. it just makes bags look big, bulky and ugly.
F2 is a great bag but too big of my needs.
Hope this helps

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