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Hey thank you guys for your feedback !

Dave with your mentioned gear yes!!! Your feedback was very-very useful for me to get I better idea, since I know exactly the sizing of your gear. Actually my current shoulder bag is Steal reporter 300 aw, god protection, better accessability than other bags of "this kind" …but even if it's not big I do not want anymore to have the feeling that I have a “box” hanging on my shoulder. So I thing the F3x seems to be an excellent choice…..

…up to the point that Jon mentioned the F-803. No Jon, my camera does not have a grip and I have no intention to add one. Do you thing that my gear (with one of the 3 lenses always attached on the camera will fit ? At I first look on some pictures of the inside I thing that some wrapping protection will be required to avoid that the equipment will be hit on each other, but I thing that this can be manageable.
The F-803 seems to be a very different approach...actually i never though about shuch a bag. In terms of accessability, the ease and speed of changing lenses is not so critical for my way of shooting, but I want to have quick access to the camera. Is that possible on the F-803?
Ok the F3X seems to be definitely the winner on this point, but the F-803 seems to have the advance of a even lower profile bag, and its thin , which can be very useful on some occasions.
I thing I still prefer the F3x but maybe this preference arrises from the fact that I’m more familiar with that kind of bag type. So i thing that the best thing to do is to research a little more, thing about the plus and minuses on each of them and then to take a final decision

Thank s again for your help !

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