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After a lot of research, investigation and of course your helpful feedback here (which I highly appreciate :) ..) I took the final decision for upgrading the maybe most important photo equipment …the camera bag and I will go finally for the Domke F-3X.

Now before proceeding to the purchase there is one final question: since my favorite color/material is the RuggedWear version of the F-3x, however I’m very often in very hot environments (air temperatures in the range of 95- 105 and sometimes also reaching the 110 Fahrenheit, plus the extra heat within a car),
i just have some hesitation to choose the RuggedWear version since I do not know of how the wax treated canvas will be in such hot environments…..wax treated and extreme heat is usual not a good combination…

Has anybody experience with RuggedWear Domke’s in such very hot environments ?

The alternative would be the olive green, but I thing the RuggedWear is a better choice if there is no practical problem with the heat

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