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Thanks a lot dafiryde for your feedback.
Previous week I was on a short trip to Germany and I had the opportunity to see actually some Domke bags colors/materials on a German shop (however they had only the F-803, F5-XB & F5-XC), and I liked better the olive.

So finally I purchased from USA the F-3x in olive, I’m very impatient to receiveit it but I guess it will take I till it's delivered here in Europe.
I purchased it from the States since the cost of the most Domke’s here in Europe is approximately 200%-250% higher than in the States (excluding F5 series and some very small bags which are available at more reasonable prices). I guess this is the reason why even if I travel a lot and I’m often in places with photographers, up to now I show only two times in my live a photographer in Europe using a Domke bag,…this is also a plus point if you want that you bag is not recognized as a photo equipment bag.
Anyhow, as soon as I receive my F-3x and try it a little out , I will come back here, just to write my impressions.
Dimitris :)
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