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Tripod for Canon DSLR and Telephoto zoom
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Default Tripod for Canon DSLR and Telephoto zoom

Here is our recommendation for the most economical David & Sanford tripod that is suitable for your "little studio" application: the EXPLORERV TRIPOD. It is sturdier and somewhat more stable than the Traveler. As for the lighting, you really have to decide whether you want a continuous light source or a flash with a diffuser. Both are viable options and we suggest that you talk it over with a lighting specialist in your area to determine the most cost-effective alternative for the type of subjects you will be shooting. Best of luck and good shooting. Jason Schneider

Here's a link to a picture and the basic specs and features. Note:The street price of this tripod in the U.S. is about $29 so it is not that much more expensive than the Traveler.

Item Number: EXPLORERV
List Price: $39.99
UPC: 049383208344
Weight: 3.000
Maximum Load: 4 lbs.
Maximum Height: 60"
Minimum Height: 22"
Folded Length: 23"
Warranty: 10 years

ExplorerV Tripod
- Perfect for digital, video and still cameras weighing up to 4 pounds.
- 25mm-diameter aluminum 3-section legs.
- 1" aluminum alloy channel.
- Quick release leg locks.
- Leg support brace with lock.
- 3-way fluid head, 2-way tilt plus pan, quick release plate and bubble level on base.
- 11" geared center post with carry hook.
- Carry handle
- Non slip adjustable rubber feet
- Maximum Height: 60"
- Minimum Height: 22"
- Folded Length: 23"
- Maximum Load: 4 lbs.
- Weight: 3 lbs
- Tripod Bag
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