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Default F3/x

My F3/X is a delight to use. But I understand if yours is not. I use similar gear. D300S + grip; 18-200VR//70-300VR
(Yes, lots of overlap; bought the 18-200 lens to simplify my life. The 70-300is such a delight, I just had to make things more complicated!)

I use a Postal Pad and find it very helpful. This is an old thread. No they're not affordable from Henry's and Vistek in Canada. They are a wonderful price at Adorama! And since I had to pay shipping, I bought 2 of them! Thanks to Helen Oster!

I use the bag on my right shoulder. Hangs straight down. Seldom drape it over my head and neck.

I had a Retro10PS on vacation; it sucked. Left it behind in the room. Came back and traded it. Others have a better opinion of the bag. I should have taken my F3/X.

Ask 6 photographers to recommend a bag; you'll get 10 answers. ;-)

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