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Domke Bag goes to CES in 2012!?
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Default Domke Bag goes to CES in 2012!?

Just to elaborate a bit on the press release . . ."Domke Camera Bags and RuggedWear Gear: For over thirty years, photographers from amateurs to pros have relied on the quality and reliability of Domkeā€™s weather-tough camera bags, accessories, and utility clothing. Environmentally friendly, these durable products feature cotton canvas treated with non-solvent waxes, giving the fabric a lifelong resistance to inclement weather and a classic look and feel."

It was ahead of it's time, yeah nylon was great for backpackers, lighter than cotton. Every ounce feels like a pound when you're hiking all day up a mountain. For photographers canvas is thicker, you don't need padding, there's enough protection without having to line it with foam. The padded bag is a stiffer bag, so gear can roll and bounce around inside while on your shoulder, or on the car seat or in an airplane. The camera bag needs to collapse to hold the gear tight. The canvas bag, sans padding, is also more comfortable to carry because it conforms to you. It swings less when carried, so your back and shoulder muscles aren't getting jerked around.

The NEW waxed canvas reflects water, but I still like plain old canvas. It absorbs the water. If it starts to rain or snow you can grab a shot and then stick the camera in the bag to protect it, any drops will get shucked off by the canvas and not get a chance to short out the digital camera. The untreated cotton duck canvas also breathes so on hot days hot air can escape (more important in the film days) keeps cameras cooler inside the bag.

Today all cameras eat batteries. You need to carry a spare, and keep it charged. Canvas doesn't conduct electricity, no worry about sparks, shocks or draining charge.

Old-fashioned low-tech cotton canvas not only is non-abrasive, but it has an earthy look. It doesn't scream out that your a tourist and just bought a new expensive hi-tech camera.

I'm a big fan of the new lot smaller, no mirror, microDSLR, which along with being smaller and lighter weight, enables you to go unnoticed shooting out on the street or at a festival. Plus, now I can shoot both still and video!

I still like to carry these small cameras in the bag, with the f/1.7 40mm lens on ready to grab a shot. They are fragile and I still need more data cards, batteries, etc. along with another zoom lens or two. I like the fixed focal length for street photography because I don't have to take time to zoom in or out. I just take what I see before it disappear, a la Henri Cartier-Bresson.

It's hard to travel light, I carry along at least one zoom in my bag. . . .check out Thom Hogan's web site for some tips and reviews.
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