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[QUOTE=Jim Domke;254]Want to change Sand/Tan bags colors? Technically it can't be done, because of the waterproof and color fast treatment given to the material after it has been dyed. There is also a risk after redying that the color will rub off onto your white jeans, etc.

just before i read this article, i dyed my f3X sand to Black, came out great,
about half way into drying i stuck it into the washing machine and it came out great
it now has a rustic look , that actually makes it look at least 20 years old
after it was dried, i rubbed a white cloth very heavily, and no dye came off, i also wetted the white cloth and tested again, and still no dye rub off
so the answer to your original question, is[B][U] yes,[/U][/B]
also , good quality dyes cannot be done in a washing machine, the water has to be boiling hot, and salted

so [B][U]Jim it can technically be dyed[/U][/B], actually any cotton base material can be dyed,


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