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Vista Voyager Ball Head Metal Failure
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Default Vista Voyager Ball Head Metal Failure

I've used my Vista Voyager with BHQ8 ballhead for several years. I've never put a heavy strain on the unit, using only a Fuji X100 and a generic mini-cam. However the little post that supports the mounting plate has failed, just under the mounting plate. I can see that it is probably a pattern-stamped piece that has been cold welded, because the failure shows a notched design at the interface point. It has not completely detached yet, but it's extremely wobbly and ready to detach at any time.

I don't have any warranty papers, although I MIGHT be able to get something from B&H where I originally ordered it.

Is there any way to get it replaced without cost, or should I just go ahead and order a new BHQ8 assembly?

I have to say I love the tripod, as I use it on long treks in the Olympic Mountains, as well as for local landscapes. It's about the best one out there, for a compromise of weight and rigidity.

Edit: I went ahead and ordered a new BHQ8 from B&H ($25.70) after all, as I really need to use the tripod soon. So, perhaps this will at least show a possible weak point in the overall construction, and could prompt current owners to keep an eye on that interface.

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