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Vista Voyager Ball Head Support Failure
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Default Vista Voyager Ball Head Support Failure

Originally Posted by Jason Schneider View Post
Hi Larry, Sorry to hear about your Vista ball head problem, which is thankfully very rare. We will replace the head at no charge with a receipt and at a courtesy discount if the receipt is unavailable. In either case, please contact Leigh Boden at Best regards, Jason Schneider
Wow, how NICE of you Jason! I assumed that must be a rare thing, as it seems the little shaft is pretty well built. I don't think it is spot-welded, so perhaps it's connected in a mold hot-press?

Anyway, I already ordered and received a replacement unit from B&H Photo, so I'll just go with that. If something happens again, I'll certainly contact you guys. But really, these tripods are so nice that I don't see the odds of something drastic happening as very high.

I'm betting that there has been pretty good success in the number of sales of this tripod; it is a VALUE for the price to say the least. I live and hike on the Olympic Peninsula, so the tripod has served me on the wild coast (saltwater) with no problems, in the rain forest, on steep slopes with no trails using it as a support pole (not exactly what it was made for), and even as an ersatz ice-axe on several of the glaciers! You'd be surprised how well the little points at the feet can stop a slip-up when on a glacier! CERTAINLY these are not exactly what the tripod was made for!

It's simply a superb combination of weight, solidity, and price. In fact, I didn't realize that there was a larger head plate available, so I ordered that as well, so that now I can probably use my Pentax 645 with that larger head, as long as I take care.

Anyway, thanks again for the GENEROUS offer! I'll take you up on it next time!

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