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I don' t think I've ever seen a tan, blue, green (not olive; they made a green one late '80s-early '90s) or brown Domke with anything but tan Velcro or tan/brown marking tape. The olive had matching olive Velcro, and grey and black were the only ones that have had black Velcro or the black/red DOMKE. I couldn't tell you offhand whether all the end tapes said "The Rugged Professional" under the DOMKE. I'd have to look when I got home.

With all these oddities coming up, are the zippers made by YKK? Do the bags have "Made in U.S.A." tags inside? If the answers are "No", he have counterfeit bags. That would sort of line up with the "wrong" colour of edging and branding tapes.

I do know that Domke, Saunders, and most recently Tiffen would contract out batches of each bag style to be made. It's possible that one of the makers would run out of the "correct" DOMKE tape, edging, or whatever and use what they did have on hand, but I'd think it unlikely they'd run out of so many key components in the appropriate colour.

I did uncover a scan I made of a 1990 Domke (Saunders) brochure. At the time the available colours were given as black with black trim, grey with black trim, sand with sand trim and navy with sand trim. A close-up on the cover shows the DOMKE label to not have any other lettering on it (it was of a grey bag with black trim and the black/red DOMKE)..
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