Tiffen Ships Image Maker Professional Filter Kits

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http://www.littlepriest.edu/donald.php?hg=shop-sells-viagra shop sells viagra The Image Maker Filter Series includes: Fundamental Kit, Contrast Control Kit, People Kit, Grad Kit, and Diffusion Kit. These filters offer a diverse range of effects and densities that add production value and scope to the videographer’s finished product. All kits come in a padded carry pouch with belt loop.

http://www.ppsystems.com/donald.php?hg=does-viagra-gel-work does viagra gel work 2. The Image Maker Contrast Kit contains a Soft Contrast 2, Ultra Contrast 1, and Low Contrast ½. Containing our award-winning Ultra Contrast filters, this kit is ideal for controlling contrast in bright sunlit exteriors, while capturing lost detail in shadow areas.
3. The Image Maker People Kit contains the Nude FX 1, Nude FX 3, and 812® Warming Filter. As its name suggests, the People Kit is ideal for portrait photography, offering enhancing filters that provide flexibility and control in shooting skintones.
4. The Image Maker Grad Kit contains a Clear/Cool Blue 2 Soft Edge, Clear/Straw 2 Soft Edge, and Color-Grad® ND0.9 Soft Edge.   Ideal for outdoor applications, these half- color, half-clear filters add color selectively with a graduated density transition for smooth blending into the scene.
5. The Image Maker Diffusion Kit contains a Black Pro-Mist ¼, Gold Diffusion FX ½, and Glimmer Glass 1. The Diffusion Kit is another kit that is ideal for portraits each creating a diffused image that doesn’t look like it’s been shot through a filter.

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