Domke Materials: What goes into the world’s most professional camera bags


Canvas, for a classic look and feel:

If your tastes lean towards the traditional, understated, and casual then all-natural canvas is probably for you. Soft, supple, heavyweight cotton canvas molds around its contents, hugs your body, and has a smooth texture that’s friendly to both equipment and clothing. The fabric is naturally water-resistant, and we add a repellent treatment in the dying process for an extra measure of protection. Still, canvas is a “breathable” fabric, so the air in your Domke Bag stays dry even in the most humid environments. Canvas also helps prevent static electricity, a benefit when working with digital and electronic equipment. Finally, canvas has a character all its own; as your Domke Bag ages, it softens and wears like a favorite pair of jeans. And new or old, a canvas Domke is the ultimate in discretion – the bag that doesn’t shout “cameras!”


Or Ballistic Nylon, for a more “high-tech” approach:

Our 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon is the super-tough, water-resistant fabric used in everything from expensive luggage to bulletproof vest exteriors. It has a more pronounced texture than canvas, and features a beefy, weatherproof urethane coating. Tough-as-nails Ballistic Nylon keeps its shape and sheen even after years of hard use, yet when incorporated into the flexible Domke design, it’s still soft and hip hugging.


Tough, street-tested hardware and YKK zippers:

When it comes to keeping it all together, we use only the strongest buckles, adjusters, rings, clips and zippers. Most of our bags feature “bomb-proof” steel snaphooks (a Domke hallmark), with welded steel rings — the most pilfer-proof closure short of a padlock — and other elements of composite hardware made of tough DuPont Delrin.


The Gripper™. Domke’s original non-slip shoulder strap:

We custom weave twin tracks of high-friction rubber into some of the thickest, toughest cotton webbing on earth. The result is The Gripper Strap — the strap that stays on the shoulder to keep your bag where it needs to be. It also surrounds the bottom of the bag for maximum security and end-to-end support.


The patented Padded Insert System. The heart of a Domke Shooter’s Bag:

The Padded Insert System organizes and protects your gear with less fuss… and a lot less bulk. Interchangeable, compartmentalized inserts let you custom-tailor your Domke bag to suit any application or equipment combination. And unlike the flat walls, hatches, floors and bridges you find in other bags, these inserts are complete, self-contained storage components. Which means you can move — or remove — any Domke insert without having to empty it first!


Need to squeeze one more item into your bag? Domke bags are built to do just that. The canvas combined with adjustable closures allow you to easily close even the most overstuffed bag.

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