Garrett Brown Takes His Moving Camera Presentation to Japan

London, UK 9th November 2018:

On the 6th October for the first time ever in Japan Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown gave his renowned Moving Camera lecture on the use of the moving camera in cinema.

Clearly this lecture is very relevant to Steadicam but it also covers a more general theme for all cinematographers. The event was hosted by Tiffen partner and Steadicam experts Gin-Ichi, and held at the Tokyo headquarters of NAC Rentals.

Attendees came not only from the Steadicam community in Japan but included cinematographers and directors of photography, all of whom were held rapt for the two hours of the lecture and then spent a considerable time after that in a Q&A session with Garrett.
The day was finished with snacks, drinks and much socialising and industry chat.

Garrett’s next stop was instructing at the first ever Steadicam Gold Workshop in Japan.

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(press release on first ever Japan Steadicam Gold Workshop  will follow on 12th Nov)

Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown gives his lecture in Tokyo

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