Tiffen is the manufacturer, distributer and marketer of  Listec Products worldwide.

The name LISTEC has been associated with the Broadcast Industry since 1967.

Listec is defined by its uncompromising standards and over the years has gained a reputation for innovation, the reliability of its product and ongoing commitment to its customers.

As prompting is a long term investment, our knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist. Advice is freely available to ensure the prompter selected will meet the requirement and is compatible with other video equipment in service.

Our goal is to continue to build relationships and products that will lead the way well into the future.

  • Listec, first to introduce electronic prompting
  • Listec, first to develop prompters for outside broadcast applications
  • Listec, first in the U.S. to introduce flat-panel teleprompters
  • Listec, first to introduce the PromptBook concept, utilizing a laptop as the display with software for image reversal
  • Listec, first to introduce the PX 1500 Series promptXpress WiFi teleprompter
  • Listec, first to introduce the PromptZ and the recipient of the Mario Award

Give us a call in NY at 631-273-2500 and see why Listec leads the way.

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