“This isn’t for everyone, but it caught my eye when I visited the Tiffen booth. This mini-teleprompter works with your iPhone to give you a chance to read like the professionals do on television.”


“Over the last 8 years, I have hosted thousands of videos! And I’ve used many different types of teleprompters. They all work basically the same, but there are quality differences in each, just like any other product on the market. I’ve been testing the Listec PromptWare Teleprompter from Tiffen. What’s so interesting about it is its size for one. It’s 4″, and uses a phone or iPod Touch. This means it’s ultra portable for use wherever you want to take it! The other thing that’s so intriguing is the price tag. At $319 (and you can score it for less from Amazon or B&H), it’s much more affordable for podcasters, YouTubers, etc. than other products on the market.”


“There’s also a weight advantage. Today, with the DSLRs and the smaller DV cameras, [using a tablet] allows you to put a lot less weight on the front of the camera, so certainly if the cameraman is shoulder-carrying, he’s very happy, or if he’s using a Steadicam, it just makes it a lot lighter, a lot more compact.”


“Prompting with Tablets: A Perfect Match? We saw people with large professional cameras using tablet-based teleprompters.”


Kelby Training Video on Listec PW-04.


CES 2013 Listec PromptWare Interview.


“Tiffen produced two models of the PromptWare systems-including the PW-04 –that are designed for larger and wsmaller cameras rather than trying to fit everything onto a single prompter model. The PW-10 takes DSLR cameras or small cameras, and uses an iPad or an Android 10-inch pad, or a 7-inch pad as the scroll monitor.”


“The PW-04 is a perfect match for today’s popular small video cameras, the PW-04 is ideal for corporate training, instructional videos, small productions, school plays, public speaking, speeches, interviews, blogging, YouTube videos, podcasting, video conferencing, Infomercials, presentations, and much more.”


“The kit is ingenious given its cost. It’s also limited to lower-cost miniDV and similar camcorders or, more properly, to camcorders with lenses less than two inches wide (58mm, 46mm, 43mm, 40.5mm, 37mm and 30.5mm screw threads).”


“Smartphone and tablet teleprompter systems have brought drastically different price points to this product category. Listec’s iPhone- or Android-based system lists for $319 while its iPad model goes for between $749 and $1,099. Portable systems can creep up in price when features such as tally lights and talent monitors are added, but they’re still well below the $5,000 to $15,000 price of conventional teleprompters.”


“When I heard of the Tiffen Listec Promptware Pw-04, it was a like a sigh of relief! Finally, I can stop stammering over my lines! I will just use this great little teleprompter every time I am on camera. If you are not aware, most teleprompter systems can cost thousands of dollars, limiting their use to bigger production projects. The Listec Promptware Pw-04 is only $320, making it perfect for smaller budget projects.”


“Listec, a company which specializes in teleprompter equipment, has a kit which utilizes your camera and smartphone (Android or iOS) to create a low-cost teleprompter. For bloggers or podcasters who are always in front of the camera, this could be useful instead of trying to remember what to say mentally or off a piece of paper. If you do a lot of reporting on the field, this could be a handy gadget to have with you as well.”


“It’s a basic system that will use either your iPhone or iPad and we’ll build around it with a remote control which will allow people who want to do real professional quality videos at home to be able to prepare a proper dialogue and a script, just like the professionals do. That’s from our Listec division. Very excited about that new product.” How do you control the scrolling with that? “We actually have a remote control that will allow you to change text on the fly and control the scroll. It’s a really cool, innovative product. Comes with a downloadable app from either the Android marketplace or the app store.”


“I’m using the Listec PW-04 teleprompter that attaches to my personal video camera. I’m not using any high cost studio equipment which is normally necessary for true teleprompter supported video, but instead, I’m using my iPhone, a free PromptWare Plus app, and the personal teleprompter attached directly to my camera. I first saw this product at the Consumer Electronics Show this January, and without question, knew that it would be a game changer for the Professional Speaker.”

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