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Lowel I-Light Complete Focusing Flood Light Set
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Lowel I-Light Complete Focusing Flood Light Set

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The battery-powered focusable i-light is a great camera-top choice. It provides essential fill light, eye light, high-lights, and contrast control in news and documentary shooting, without overwhelming available light. Fitted with the high intensity #2 Reflector & Prismatic Glass to give an even flood & uniform spot, the i, and its dimmable counterpart the id-light, bring convenience and dependability to camera-top lighting.

Wattage Choice
Uses 55 and 100 watt inexpensive, 12/14V automobile halogen bulbs.

Multi Use
Can be used as a camera top light, stand mounted or as a hand-held light.

Intense Focusing
Fitted with a high intensity #2 Reflector and Prismatic Glass for higher quality flood and spot.