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Lowel ID-Light 100W Focus Flood Light, 4-Pin XLR
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Lowel ID-Light 100W Focus Flood Light, 4-Pin XLR

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The Lowel id-Light is the world's first focusable and dimmable camera-top light. It provides increased versatility, especially in news and documentary use where lighting conditions may change quickly. Its 20KHz dimmer provides graceful dimming with no electronic interference in the camera.

Affordable lamps
Uses 55 and 100 watt inexpensive, 12/14V automobile halogen lamps

Multi use halogen source
Can be used as a camera top light, stand mounted or as a hand held light

Intense focusing
Fitted with a high intensity #2 Reflector and Prismatic Glass for higher quality flood and spot

Dimming circuit
Dimming circuit is infinitely variable from 100% to 5%