Lowel Super Ambi Kit

$ 3,535.99 USD

  • 3200 Total Watts, 120V Bulbs
  • Two Tota-lights, Two Omni-lights
  • One Pro-light, One Rifa eX 55
  • Barndoors, Filter Frames, Gels, Scrims
  • Clamps, Arms, Shafts, Gaffer Tape
  • Stands, 86Z Large Omni Kit Case
  • 120-240VAC/12-30VDC

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This is a complete six-light tungsten kit, appropriately named the Lowel Super Ambi Kit. It includes two Tota-light floodlights, two Omni-light and one Pro-light focusing flood lights, and a Rifa eX 55 softbox light. An array of light control devices such as scrims, flags, reflectors, barndoors, gels, arms, clamps, and umbrellas are included. Light stands are included for each fixture, as well as bulbs, and storage cases for extra bulbs. A heavy-duty hard plastic wheeled case makes transport and storage easy.

Although this kit is supplied for use with 120 AC voltage, all of the fixtures in this kit can function with 220-240 AC voltage. The Pro and Omni lights will also function with 12-30 DC voltage, with the appropriate bulbs, adapter plugs or cables, and power supplies (available separately).




Rifa-lite eX 55