Q. What colors is the Curve available in?
A. Red, Blue, Silver and Black

Q. Where can I purchase the Curve?

Q. What GOPRO cameras is the Curve compable with?
A. Works with GOPRO HD Hero, GOPRO Hero 2, GOPRO Hero 3, GOPRO Hero 3+, GOPRO Hero 4 Black and GOPRO Hero 4 Silver with the addition of the LCD and waterproof housing.  The new GOPRO Hero is not currently compatible with the Curve.

Q. Where can I learn more about the Curve’s compatibility with GOPRO cameras and accessories?
A. Additional Curve compatibility information is available at the link below.  To use the compatibility chart lick on the GOPRO model you own then find the horizontal line which has an X under each accessory category (housing, backdoor/bacpac and LCD).  Once you have found that line, look to the last blue column on the right to determine what weights are necessary.

QI have the GOPRO Hero 4 Silver and the compatibility chart says I need the weight kit, what is included in the kit?
AThe GOPRO Hero 4 Silver will require the use of the Weight Kit, item # 818-7910 to balance correctly.  The weight kit includes two back plates (Gray & Black) and two additional small weights.  The back plate attaches by Velcro to the GOPRO housing and will completely obscure the LCD screen.

Q. Where can I purchase the Weight Kit?

Q. What weights come with the Curve?
A. One large, one medium and one small weight are included with the Curve, these fit inside the weight tube and are used as necessary for balancing.

Q. How do you balance the Curve?
A.Forward & backward balance control is achieved by an adjustment knob located just above the gimbal.  You can also tilt the GOPRO camera forward and backward for additional balance control.  Left and Right balance control is achieved by adjusting the weight tube left or right and/or adding additional weights inside the tube and adjusting their position





Q.  What is the Curve constructed of?
A. Aluminum and plastic.

Q. What other ways can I use the Steadicam Curve?
A. The Curve’s primary use is as a stabilizer, or if you lock the handle to the Curve arm it can be used as a camera support device.

Q. What is the best way to hold the Curve?
A. The suggested hand position on the Curve is your bottom three fingers on the handle and your pointer finger and thumb on either side of the gimbal assembly.  Your pointer finger and thumb can be used to gently pan left and right in this manner.  You can also use the Curve by gripping with three fingers of one hand and using your pointer finger and thumb of your opposite hand to control pan.

Q. How long is the Curve warranty?
A. The Curve comes with a one year parts and labor warranty.  For warranty issues please contact with a detailed description of your problem including photos and a copy of your purchase receipt. 

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