A Message from Steadicam® inventor, Garrett Brown on the SOLO

The Steadicam SOLO™ is a professional shooting instrument. It’s also a brand new critter — a radical hybrid that crosses-over seamlessly from Steadicam to monopod and performs tricks in between that neither can do alone.

You may be a veteran Steadicam ace looking for the ultimate run-and-gun rig for your new digital camera, or a seasoned conventional shooter, eager to expand your technique, or maybe you’re new to the game: a film student or gifted amateur, ready to edge into the professional world…in any case you’re in for a rewarding experience.

Your new SOLO is a true Steadicam®: precise, rigid and beautifully engineered, and it’s also a brilliant and versatile monopod; but most startling to me, after decades of shooting, is the realization that SOLO can deliver combination shots I never imagined, and with a speedy panache that would spin the heads of my old Hollywood colleagues.

With its inertia-augmenting ‘wings’ folded out, monopod shooting is stable in all three axes — ‘tilt and roll,’ obviously, but now also ‘pan’ — and with SOLO also balanced in Steadicam mode (at any desired length), you can smoothly ‘lift off’ and walk, run or climb stairs like your favorite moves from the movies.

You can hoist the camera up for ceiling-height ‘aerials’ or invert it to skim the floor, and then seamlessly return to monopod or Steadicam-mode — with or without the optional arm and vest.
We have entered a new, highly democratic era in filmmaking, and our tools are ever more accessible for shooting, editing and special effects. Increasingly, success may finally depend more on skill and talent than on big budgets — and SOLO can help you get there.
This latest iteration of the ‘noble instrument’ is cool and it’s HOT and I look forward to seeing your results — in sample reels, documentaries, commercials, home videos, reality TV and feature films!


The SOLO Arm and Vest makes extended shooting nearly effortless, providing complete comfort and functionality for extended productions and long continuous shots. The SOLO can now fly for hours — shooting entire weddings, sporting events, or theatrical performances — without undue fatigue.

The SOLO offers Steadicam brand engineering and quality…at a price you’ll love.


  • Up to 10lb (4.5kg) weight capacity


  • Able to convert between a Steadicam and monopod easilyCompact:
  • Folds up to a 24″ x 3.5″ (61cm x 9cm) profileDurable:
  • All metal infrastructure design



  • Ergonomic foam gimbal handle and post control grips
  • Can be used handheld or with available arm/vest



  • High quality 3-axis gimbal
  • Solid precision stage design



  • Telescopic 4-section post
  • Unique dynamic balance capability
  • Moveable gimbal


Removable Stage Design:

  • Quick release camera mounting plate
  • Push on lock
  • Pushbutton release
  • Positive position clamping
  • Standard 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 camera mounting
  • Simple dual knob fore-aft vernier adjustment



  • Available as an upgradeable hand-held stabilizer or as a complete system with sled, arm and vest


The arm is ultra-light, but extremely capable. It’s a 7/8 scale version of its big brothers, the G-50x and G-70x arms, and provides the same legendary performance and flexibility.

  • Total Payload: Knob-adjustable from 4 to 15 lbs (1.8 to 6.8 kg)
  • Arm Weight: 5.1 lbs (2.3 kg)
  • Lifting Range: 28 vertical inches (71.12 cm)
  • Mounting: Two axis adjustment of arm-to-body angle, with quick-release right-hand/left-hand changeover
  • Arm can be easily disassembled for travel


The vest is the lightest and thinnest ever made – it can even be worn under a tuxedo jacket – and it’s designed to fit the entire gamut of body styles and shapes.

  • Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.179 kg)
  • Size Range: From 23 lb. 8-year-olds to 250 lb. linebackers!
  • Fasteners: Hook and loop straps for a wide range of body size adjustability and nylon buckles for quick access








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