Q: Why do I need to install the batteries before I balance the Volt?

A: The Volt requires the weight of the batteries in place in order to balance and operate properly. Please red and follow the included set-up instruction booklet.

Q: There are seven weights included with the Volt, how can I tell how many my phone needs to properly balance it?

A: The Volt is designed to balance a phone up to 250 grams in weight ( 8.81 oz). Since every phone is different in size and weight, the number of weights needed to balance your phone will vary. Follow the instruction booklet for more information about balancing, or watch the Quick Start Guide Video.

Q: I have watched the Quick Start Guide Video, but can’t get my Volt to Balance, what do I do now?

A: The Volt was designed to balance with a Smartphone that weighs 250 grams or less and 85mm maximum width. Large Smartphones with Phone cases can exceed this weight or width limit. The best solution is to remove the phone case and try rebalancing your phone on the Volt. If the Volt balances then your best option is to operate the Volt without the phone case.  If your phone is less than 250 grams and 85mm width and still will not balance properly, please contact for balancing tips or instructions. Note that if you are using add-on external lenses or other accessories that can affect the phone’s balance, that those devises will need to be removed from the phone to achieve proper balance.

Q: How do I install the included GoPro mount on my Volt?

A: Installation is simple. Using the fore-aft adjustment knob, unscrew the phone mount and slide it off the rear of the mount guides, then slide the GoPro mount on to the guides, turn the fore-aft knob to install.  Complete instructions are included in the “how to” booklet. We will be posting “How to” Video’s on our website as well. Be sure to store the phone mount in a safe location for re-installation.

Q: Which GoPro cameras can I use on my Volt?

A: Not all GoPro cameras are compatible. Below is a chart of compatible models, plus the approximate mounting position and counterweights required to properly balance:

Recommended Settings

Camera Model Approximate Mount Position Weight Configuration Weight Position
HERO 4 3.5 1 x START


HERO 5 3.25 1 x START


HERO + 3 1 x START 6



  • All camera configurations are based on stock out-of-the box cameras with no additional accessories mounted.
  • Balancing of GoPro cameras with other cases or accessories installed have not been tested by Steadicam and there is no guarantee that they will balance or operate correctly on the Steadicam Volt.
  • Camera to be mounted perpendicular to stage top.
  • Moving of wire support Left/Right will facilitate balancing of the camera side-side.
  • Perfect balance not required for optimal performance.
  • Other GoPro camera/accessory options may balance on the Steadicam Volt. But have not been tested.

Q: How do I balance the GoPro camera once it’s installed?

A: The balancing procedure is the same as with a smartphone. You will need to achieve balance front to back using the fore-aft adjustment knob and top to bottom using the correct number of weights.  Please refer to the attached chart for balancing tips. If your GoPro camera does not balance left-to-right, you can improve this by pushing the locked brace slightly left or right relative to the center locking tab. The GoPro does not have to be perfectly balanced left-to-right to operate properly. Make sure your GoPro does not have any additional accessories such as cases that are not included in the aforementioned guide, as this can affect the weight or balance of the camera.

Q: The Volt I received has a wire brace attached that was not originally shown on the pre-production models, why is it there and do I need to use it?

A: Using the customer feedback we received on the Volt, we made improvements in the design to allow the Volt to carry a heavier and wider phone (up to 85mm wide), plus the addition of GoPro camera compatibility.  To assure optimal performance of the Volt, we added the brace to offer greater rigidity, especially when running with the Volt.  It is recommended that the brace be engaged and locked in, using the locking tab on the front spar for optimal performance.

Q: I am having trouble getting the locking tab for the brace to lock into position, How to I get this to lock?

A: After folding down the wire brace in to the locking position, hold the wire brace with one hand as shown in the Quick Start Video and with the other hand push down on the top of the locking tab. If you are pushing the lower section of the locking tab, it will not properly lock in place.

Q: Can I just remove the wire brace?

A: It’s not recommended. The brace is there to give the Volt greater rigidity and image stability while running or while doing rapid movements with the Volt and is required to properly balance your GoPro camera. Removing the brace can affect the overall balance of the Volt and make it more difficult or even impossible to balance your phone or GoPro.

Q: How will I know if future models of the GoPro will be compatible with Steadicam Volt?

A: We will be testing new models and updating our website as new models become available.

Q: What do you mean by a neutral balance?

A: Neutral Balance is when you hold the gimbal handle and the Volt stays at any angle you set it, including pointing straight down, without tilting sideways, forward, backward, etc. The Volt balances like a professional Steadicam.  When in Neutral Balance, the center of gravity of the camera, along with the weight of the balance weights, and the entire Volt itself will be centered about the main gimbal pivot point  When in Neutral Balance the motors can then react quickly as the Volt will be easy to move in any direction with little effort, allowing the Volt to achieve the best performance possible.  Easiest way to achieve neutral balance I to follow the step-by-step instructions in the manual, or by viewing the Quick Start Video.

Q: The handle spins once it’s powered up, is this normal?

A: Yes, the Volt operation relies on a tactile feedback to determine where it is in space. Holding the handle offers the resistance it requires to determine that tactile feedback. When you place the Volt down sideways on a table top, the software will put the handle into a sleep mode and it will stop spinning until picked up again.

Q: How long will the batteries last?

A: When the Volt is properly balanced, there is very little load on the motors, so the batteries can last you for many hours of operation. Unlike conventional gimbal devices where the motors are constantly fighting the unevenly distributed weight and burning through batteries in a few hours or less, a properly balanced Volt significantly extends battery life.

Q: Does the Volt use Lithium Ion batteries and if so, are there any travel restrictions?

A: Yes the Volt uses Lithium Ion batteries and the only travel restrictions are that the batteries must be either installed in the Volt, or stored properly in the case. Li-Ion batteries cannot be in checked baggage, so keep these and the Volt with your carry-on bags when traveling by air.

Q: Can I purchase extra batteries for the Volt from the Tiffen Company?

A: While the Tiffen Company will not be offering these batteries as an accessory, they may be available through some dealers, but defiantly available from many on-line retailers such as Amazon.  The Volt uses a 18350 battery with a 900 MAh rating.  It is not recommended to use higher MAh batteries as they exceed the charging capacity of the included charger.  Never leave these or any Lithium Ion batteries on charge unattended!

Q: Is there is an “app” available for the Steadicam Volt?

A: Yes, check out the Tiffen Imagemaker APP, available on the Apple APP Store or the Google Play Store

Q: What is the Imagemaker app and is it required in order to use my smartphone or GoPro with the Steadicam Volt?

A: The app is not required to operate the Volt.  The Imagemaker APP will enhance the functionality of your smartphone’s camera, offering variable frame rates, shutter speeds among other great features.  We have great things in store for the app, so stay tuned as we continue to develop this exciting new product!  The app is not compatible with any current GoPro camera models.

Q: What about replacement parts if I lose or break something?

A: Customer replaceable parts will be available through the Tiffen store.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Yes, Tiffen-Steadicam offers a one year warranty from manufacturer’s defects. This does not include abuse or neglect of the product, lost or broken parts resulting from customer misuse or neglect and the warranty does not apply to the included Lithium Ion batteries.

Q: What if I have questions regarding the set-up, use or require repair?

A: For set-up and operation tips, please refer to the included product booklet and check for “how to” video’s at plus social media sites.  For parts, go to for a list of available replacement parts.  For information regarding repairs contact: Set-up and operational instructions in various languages will be available on our website soon.

Q: When I pre-ordered my Steadicam Volt, I was promised a free carrying case, how do I receive my free case?

A: If you purchased your Volt through Amazon, your free Premium case will ship automatically directly from Amazon when they become available. Kickstarter customers will automatically receive their Premium case directly from The Tiffen Company when they become available.  Customers who pre-ordered through dealers are required to submit a mail in offer form for the free case.  The form to submit that offer can be found here.  Complete instructions for submitting your offer are included.  The case is only available from The Tiffen Company through this process and is not available as a “Free” item through any of our participating dealers. Please do not contact your dealer regarding this special limited time offer.


Q: What does the RED light flashing indicate on the Volt?

A: The red flashing light indicates a motor overload, typically caused by improper balance.  Adding too many bottom weights for example puts strain on the motors and loses operational agility. Power down the Volt and review the Balance Procedures to properly get your Volt in neutral balance.

Q: What does the Blue light indicate and why does it sometimes flash?

A: The Blue light indicates that the Volt is powered “on”. When the blue light starts flashing; this indicates that the batteries are running low and in need of recharging. Blue LED will flash at different rates, depending on how empty the battery is. If the battery charge is getting really low, the Blue LED will start to flash faster.

Q: What does the Green light indicate?

A: The Volt has two operation modes, Sport and Movie. When the round (Mode) button at the rear of the Volt is pressed twice, the Volt switches to Movie mode.   The green light indicates that you have switched it to “Movie Mode”.

Q: What are the two modes and how do they differ?

A: ‘Sport’ mode is the default (one blue light), for rapidly following action.  It features only friction in ’tilt’ (angling up and down), plus inertia and friction in ‘pan’ (angling side-to-side)

‘Movie’ mode initiates with two presses of the red ‘Mode’ button at rear, and is artful, movie-like shooting. Movie Mode  includes inertia and friction in both tilt and pan, permitting moves that most nearly resemble Hollywood Steadicam shots. A single press of the Mode button cycles back to ‘Sport’ mode.

More information on the LED lights:

  • Blue and Red LED flashing in tandem means the Volt is running a self test.
  • Blue, Green and Red flashing in sequence means the Volt has failed a self test. Power cycle the Volt and try again to see if the error will be cleared.
  • Other LED flashing sequences of the Blue or RED LED indicate there is an issue with the initialization of the electronics. Power cycle the Volt and try again to see if the error will be cleared.


Kickstarter Reward Return Policy.

This applies only to Kickstarter pledges looking to return their items.

It is not our policy to offer returns or refunds on items that were backed or received on Kickstarter.

Items that are shipped to those who have backed our product development are most commonly referred to as “rewards” and are not traditional purchases. These items are considered gifts and are sent to our backers in appreciation for their support of our product development.

We appreciate your understanding of the policy and the support you have given us by backing us on Kickstarter.

Here are some of things you can do with your reward if you no longer wish to have it.:

  1. Gift your reward to a friend or family member. While the Steadicam Volt may not work for you, a friend or family member may love to have it!
  2. Sell your reward. Throw it up on eBay! You most likely purchased the Volt below retail value, so you can recuperate your cost (and maybe more).
  3. Give the Steadicam Volt a second chance! Watch some of the tutorial videos, check out some inspiration on social media. It may take some getting used to!

Dealer purchased returns:

Please contact the dealer from which your Steadicam Volt was purchased to inquire about their return policies.  Products purchased through dealers cannot be returned to The Tiffen Company for refund.


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