Protection/UV Control

Protection filters are optical clear glass manufactured to protect your lens from everything from everyday events to extreme hazardous conditions. UV and Haze filters are designed to cut through ultra violet light, or hazy conditions which can decreae the sharpness of your image, they have the added benefit of doubling as a protective filter since their colour cast is only slight. [tr-accordion id=”5525″]


Polarizing filters are manufactured in a variety of strengths and orientations. They work by redirecting scattered light into a single direction producing an improved color contrast in color images or increased monochromatic contrast in black and white images.
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Neutral Density

Neutral Density filters attenuate the visible spectrum of light that transmits through them in designated stop density’s. They are manufactured as either an all over solid filter (that covers the entire surface of the filter at a given stop density), or in a variety of graduated edges, soft, hard or attenuator / blender. Please check the IR Control section to find out about combination NDs that attenuate into the Far Red & IR portion of the spectrum.

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Color Correction/Conversion/Light Balancing

These types of filters are designed for changing the temperature of light passing through them onto either a film stock or sensor set at capturing light of another temperature. They work by changing either Kelvin or Mired shift balance.

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Contrast filters are designed to either reduce excess contrast that can occur in color images, primarily on bright exteriors locations. Or in the case of Black & White contrast filters, to change the monochromatic response of opposite colors to produce a heightened monochromatic response. 

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Color FX

Color FX filters are designed to add color to your image, either to enhance the atmosphere of a location or to add an emotion by the introduction of a color hue.

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Special Fx

Tiffen manufactures a wide variety of Special FX filters to aid in the suspension of belief, creating Night Time from daylight, dense Fog or star patterns from specular light sources.

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Diffusion covers a wide variety of filters that effect one, two or three dimensions of a recorded image – resolution, light dispersal from a direct light source known as halation and contrast. In effecting these dimensions, they burn in character to the image.

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Diopters & Close Up Lenses

Diopters and close up lenses extend the close focal point of any given lens by a multiple of magnification. They are manufactured as full cover or split diopters to add extended focal depth of field.

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IR Control Filters

When you want to either use or cut IR light from entering your image, Tiffen’s IR Control filters include individual Hot Mirrors, Full Spectrum IRND’s that cut Far Red, Near IR and a combination of Hot Mirror and Full Spectrum IRND that cut all Far Red and IR wavelengths.  We also produce visible wavelength blockers as with the 87 filter which allows only IR through.

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Filter Kits

Filter Kits are a great way to get started or to increase you filter inventory when needing a set of filters designed to meet specific requirements. Ranging from Landscape to IR control.

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Internal Filter Wheels

Many broadcast cameras are designed with internal filter wheels which include the manufacturers pre set filter sets. All of Tiffens diffusion lines are available in filter wheel sizes designed to aid Lighting Directors needing exacting diffusion looks to be dialed in quickly.


We manufacture a wide variety of accessories to aid in protecting, and attaching our filters to your lens. Plus a wide range of viewing glasses to aid you in compressing the visual spectrum to different ISO contrast ranges, as well as pouches to store and organize your filters.

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