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John Sexton, PortraitTree Fern Detail, Carmel, California 2007

*John Sexton is an award winning photographer, master printmaker, author and director of the John Sexton Photography Workshops program.

©2009 John Sexton. All rights reserved

“Tiffen filters have been my filter of choice for more than thirty years. Now I’ve added their new Digital HT series as valuable tools in my photography. Thank you Tiffen for continuing to make great filters!”


Tiffen Filter Saved My Camera!

“I attached my digital SLR camera with a 55-250mm lens fitted with a Tiffen UV filter onto my tripod. After taking a few pictures, the tripod mount must have loosened because my camera began to pivot and eventually fell off the tripod, hitting the ground from a height of about 4 feet. To my amazement, the Tiffen UV filter was bent on the edging, but my camera was not damaged at all, not even the lens! Thank you Tiffen!”

Brian Fefferman,
Flushing, New York


Flyin’ with My Steadicam Flyer LE!

“My Flyer Le worked great moving from set to set on this 5-hour telethon!”

Kevin Andrews, Steadicam Owner/Operator


Thanks Tiffen!

“While filming our Motorcycle ride across Canada, we chose Tiffen filters to protect our camera equip-ment. Tiffen UV Protector filters are on all three of our HD video cameras and provide crystal clear protection from UV, rocks, dirt, bugs, and road grime. They have saved our camera lenses on a number of occasions!”
Jeff Pennock
Virtual Riding TV

Together_film_202009_3x5Love My Steadicam Ultra2

“I love my Ultra2. Every work I do is a new world of problems. I´m beliveing in Steadicam (and Tiffen also), from 1992. Why? This picture can show you the answer. With Ultra2 all problems you can find in the set….ARE SOLVED FOR THE PERFECT CONCEPT OF THIS GEAR. Thanks Garret, Jerry…and THANKS to all Tiffen´s crew. Never could forget my good friends Robin, James, Terry, and all British crew I knew at England. Any way… This pict is from a short movie plenty of problems for the camera, director, Dp, etc. I had not one problem about. The trust I have with my Ultra2 makes me sleep well. A well remember for my Spanish dealer…VIDEO CINE IMPORT…”

Amando Crespo Gonzalez
Steadicam Owner/Operator


Domke Vest to the Rescue!

“On a recent trip to Europe I brought along my old reliable Domke Vest, as usual. I find it very useful to have it available when I’m photographing because it holds a lot of gear and keeps each item within easy reach. I have also found it to be very convenient and secure while I’m rushing through airports, catching cabs, and getting to my destination. Little did I know that on this trip it would prove to be an essential piece of travel gear.” More…

John Sexton

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