Responding to the demands of cinematographers & lighting professionals: The Tiffen Variable Viewing Filter incorporates the award winning Variable ND filter, offering indexed 2-8 stops, along with the unique ability to easily add any 49mm ring filter from our vast range.

The VVF also allows the user to add additional Neutral Density filters to increase the stop range, UV Filters and Polarizers, or even special FX and diffusion filters for pre-visualization of a scene without the need to reposition the camera


  • Incorporates the Tiffen Variable ND Filter, offering indexed 2-8 stops
  • Allows the ability to add additional filters, such as ND Filters to increase the stop range, or visualize with Special FX or Diffusion Filters
  • 1″ inch handle with quick release lanyard
  • A great tool for Cinematographers and Gaffers to spot strong lights or keep track of the sun moving in and out of cloud cover* (Recommended with additional ND or UV Filter)
  • Made from Water White Glass
  • Made in the USA

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