Tiffen Supports French Film School- Dean Cundey Masterclass


TIFFEN has provided support for the recent Dean Cundey Masterclass, a week long event organised by the ISPRA French Film School in Toulouse, France, and set up in the Toulouse studios of France 3 Television.

Tiffen International’s Filter Guru Eren Ibrahim was on hand to advise and discuss filters usage throughout the event in conjunction with Dean Cundey, and also offer one on one discussions with the students. Eren is based at Tiffen International’s offices at Pinewood Studios, UK and is responsible for filter sales, rental and technical assistance.

“I was delighted to respond and attend with a range of Tiffen filters and to be involved with Dean Cundey’s tutorials in the use of filters, and also to discuss filter use one on one with the students throughout the course”.

Since 2005, ISPRA Film School has trained more than 1,500 individuals, offering courses and diplomas in Imaging, Sound, Post-Editing and Film Directing. Past students have taken up roles in the industry not only in France, but world wide.

Dean Cundey is a member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) of which he received an Outstanding Achievement Award nomination for his work on Steven Spielberg’s Hook in 1991 and Ron Howard’s Apollo 13 in 1995, he also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the CSA in 2014. He is a highly respected DOP with a long list of top rating feature films; he was Director of Photography for Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, and also DOP for the three Back to the Future films; he has collaborated with John Carpenter, Al Pacino and many great actors: www.imdb.com/name/nm0005678/

In total, around 50 people attended the Masterclass, including students and associates of the school.
ISPRA is the Institut Supérieur Privé de Réalisation Audiovisuelle. The school is well known in the South of France in providing a superior experience for the students both in vision and sound.

In 2013 ISPRA introduced the Masterclass concept, Creative Factory, whereby producers and directors of national and international repute come for a week to teach their expertise, in real conditions, on high-end equipment.
The goal is to follow the teaching of a person who, through their career has become a reference in their sector of activity and to benefit from their greater wealth of experience. An interpreter is present 7 hours a day to translate in real time as required.