Tiffen’s 4K Diffusion Test Film was produced to clearly show viewers the distinctive variances and subtle differences across our large range of Diffusion filters. It’s not that these filters are spacifically 4K – the 4K label has been attached to the presentation because the production was shot and is also available in 4K deliverable formats as well as standard HD.

Produced and narrated by Carey Duffy (MPTV Filter Group Consultant at fiffen International LTD), along with Steven Poster ASC as project consultant, and photographed by cinematographer Stephen Murphy. The film focuses the viewer’s attention by categorizing the style and effects type produced by the filters into the main classifications – i.e. Black Halation, White Halation, Optical Resolution – and then sub categorizes them into named sets, showing the effect of the individual densities.

Comprehensive insights into both the shooting process and post workflows are available on the links below, see Stephen Murphy Camera Blog Spot Report and Nick Shaw of Antler Post Tiffen Diffusion Test Workflow pdf. Plus a link to the Film and Digital Times comprehensive review article of the shoot that interviews the personalities involved.

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