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Tiffen should be notified of a defect in the product by contacting Tiffen Customer Service at 800-645-2522 (631-273-2500) or

The product should be sent to the Tiffen Service Center indicated, prepaid and adequately insured with the return authorization number clearly visible on the front of the package. Include a letter describing the problem.

All returns must include copy of dated sales receipt as proof of purchase from authorized Tiffen dealer. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

All questions about any of our products should be sent to our Customer Service Department at or via phone at 800-645-2522 (631-273-2500).


Flash Sales - Steadicam Curve Return Policy:

This applies only to Steadicam Curve purchases looking to return their items.

Due to 100% of the proceeds being sent to the Feeding America® charity organization we can not offer refunds for this purchase.

Kickstarter Reward Return Policy:

This applies only to Kickstarter pledges looking to return their items.

It is not our policy to offer returns or refunds on items that were backed or received on Kickstarter.

Items that are shipped to those who have backed our product development are most commonly referred to as “rewards” and are not traditional purchases. These items are considered gifts and are sent to our backers in appreciation for their support of our product development.

We appreciate your understanding of the policy and the support you have given us by backing us on Kickstarter.

Here are some of things you can do with your reward if you no longer wish to have it.:

  1. Gift your reward to a friend or family member. While the Steadicam Volt may not work for you, a friend or family member may love to have it!
  2. Sell your reward. Throw it up on eBay! You most likely purchased the Volt below retail value, so you can recuperate your cost (and maybe more).
  3. Give the Steadicam Volt a second chance! Watch some of the tutorial videos, check out some inspiration on social media. It may take some getting used to!