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Stroboframe Kit

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The Stroboframe 330-100 Parts "First Aid" Kit contains: 6 x 903-108-10KBCamera mounting knob for all except QF350, Pro &Press-T 6 x 903-151-10SCCamera mounting knob for QF 350 4 x 903-123-10SRCamera mounting screw for Pro-T & Press-T 10 x 903-SPN-103-00KLock nuts for RL/c, R4b, RL2000 10 x 903-103-10KBFlash mounting knob for all but Quick Flip series 6 x 920-103-10KBFlash locking knowbs for Metz Mt. II &III 6 x 920-124-10KBFlash arm knnob for R4b 10 x 9PPR-420-06BFlash mount screw for Quick Flip Brackets 6 x 903-122-10SCFlash mount screw for VH2000 2 x 360-416-10PDCork platform pad for Pro-RL & Pro-SQ 6 x 903-106-10WA Cork friction washer for R4b 2 x 304-101-10PD Rubber platform pad for Quickflip 350 2 x 305-101-10PD Cork platform pad for Quickflip 120 2 x 330-102-10PD Cork platform pad for R4b, SQ2000, RL2000, & Cameraflip 2 x 350-105-10PD Cork platform pad for Pro-T, Press-T, QR66 & QRC