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Elevate Your Springtime Photography

Springtime Photography - A time when the days are not only longer but we see color and life come back into the world around us.

Flowers start to bloom again, leaves begin to grow back lusher than ever. Even fruits and vegetables are more vibrant than earlier in the year. Springtime signifies change and growth so no wonder it's a photographer's favorite time of year to get out and shoot.

So how can you make sure to capture these beautiful scenes this spring?



ND's are must have camera filters if you want to capture spectacular springtime landscapes, nature or wildlife photography.

These filters reduce the amount of light passing through your camera lens without changing the color of your scene, and who would want to change the beautiful colors that Springtime has to offer for photographers. Neutral Density camera filters are especially useful in bright light conditions to help prevent overexposure of the image.

Lastly, they allow proper exposure at a wider lens opening for reduced depth-of-field to highlight and sharpen a key subject by making the foreground and/or background out of focus. This is especially useful if you want to photograph different spring elements like flowers, cherry blossom trees, or specific wildlife like bees, and birds, who have all recently resurfaced since wintertime.

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Image Taken By Ky Ferguson Using a Tiffen Neutral Density Camera Filter.

Polarizer camera filters are an essential filter every photographer should have as they provide color and contrast enhancement.

Polarizer camera filters drastically improve color saturation, especially in the outdoors. These camera filters are perfect for photographers who are wanting to capture beautiful and colorful Spring landscapes that also include water elements like rivers, lakes, streams and oceans.

But which specific type of Polarizer camera filter is best for you and your springtime photography needs?

Linear Polarizer Camera Filter - This camera filter removes unwanted reflected light to allow the true colors to show, The Rotating ring allows you to control the intensity of the effect This camera filter is perfect for photographing outdoor Spring elements like the sky, especially if you want the sky to appear more blue, and the clouds to be enhanced.

Circular Polarizer Camera Filter - While this filter is effective on all cameras, the circular component (quarter wave retarder) is necessary for use with cameras with beam splitters for exposure control and other devices that may be affected by polarized light.

Warm Polarizer Camera Filter - This camera filter adds natural warmth to all skin tones, exterior shade, and highlight areas. It is perfect for any Spring photography being done in an outdoor open shade area where either there is excessive blue or it’s impossible to control the lighting. This camera filter is ideal for Springtime portraits.

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Before and After Using A Tiffen Circular Polarizer Camera Filter.

Color FX Camera Filters - This camera filter will add a little something extra to your Springtime images. Think of it like an enhancing filter for things like Spring flowers, trees, wildlife, and more.

They transform any average Springtime scene into something striking and spectacular. Whether you want to enhance certain details of a morning/ dusk landscape, warm up skin tones for Spring portraits, or add a dramatic sky to your photo, Color FX camera filters provide you with the ideal solution to do so.

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Processed - Man holding beer

Before and After Using a Tiffen Color FX Camera Filter.

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