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Steadicam G-50x Arm

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  • Light weight (8.6 lbs/ 3.9 kg)
  • User-maintainable
  • 28.7 inch (72.8 cm) boom range
  • Ride control that adjusts the iso-elastic response of the arm
  • Soft bumpers at the end of travel so the arm can be boomed right to its limits without shot-disturbing clunks
    *Ships in 2-4 weeks. Contact for more info.

The revolutionary, patented Geo spring geometry optimizes performance throughout its lifting range. It tames high/low arm travel with adjustable-length crankshafts that dynamically rock the spring termination as the arm is boomed up or down. Powered by titanium springs, the G-50x arm smoothly carries any load from 12 to 50 pounds (5.4 to 23 kg).