Support is provided for all Tiffen products that have not reached the support end of life. We make every effort to expedite your support issues and route you to the correct product expert in a timely manner. Most support tickets are responded to within 24 hours during the work week. If you have not heard back from us, please make sure that to check your spam filter and junk mail folder. Tiffen support operates during the business hours of 9 – 5pm EST Monday-Friday. There are some exceptions with holidays and show schedules. We will list these events on the support home page.
For Tiffen Dfx Software and Mobile apps, please submit a support ticket at software.tiffen.com

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To register your product, please go to http://www.tiffen.com/warranty.html

  • All warranty issues require a copy of the original purchase receipt as proof of purchase. The receipt should be from the dealer your purchase was made from. It should include the dealer name, your name and address, date of purchase, line items of products purchased and purchase price. Order confirmation emails, purchase orders and PayPal receipts are not considered proof of purchase.

  • Please select the proper product for better assistance.
  • Please provide specific information regarding the model name, item # and size.
  • Please provide specific details regarding your situation. The more details you provide, the better we will be able to understand your issue. If you are attaching photos, please note the filename and accompany each photo with a written description below. If your product is broken, how did it break?
  • If a part is broken, please provide photos in which you point to the broken part. If a part is lost, please point to where the part should go. For best results, please submit one photo in which shows the entire product (please point to the problem area in this photo) and a second close up photo of the problem area. Make sure to accompany each photo with a description in the field above in which you reference the photo filename.
  • Some operational issues are best explained by a video. Please have someone film you with a smartphone and make sure to you clearly demonstrate the issue and narrate your video. For Steadicam issues the video should show the entire Steadicam device so we can see it’s configuration.

  • Your supplied information is processed and held by The Tiffen Company LLC. and/or other members of the Tiffen group of companies and persons acting on their behalf for the purposes of supplying goods and services, related accounts and records. Your details will be added to a mailing list to inform you of upcoming events. From time to time the Company may contact you to make you aware of goods and services which they provide and/or events which they think may be of interest to me within the Tiffen group. I also consent to my personal data being exported outside the EEA for these purposes. The Tiffen Company will not pass your details to any third party other than directly involved with your interest/purchase/attendance of these events. Continuation with your signing up to our mailing list is in agreement to these terms.

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