Antique Black Pearlescent Filters on "All the Queen's Men"

October 28, 2022

Director of Photography Taylor Randall setting up for the BET+ series "All the Queen's Men", Directed and Executive Produced by Tyler Perry.

Lighting for five or six cameras at once is a job many cinematographers would approach with a lot of caution, especially with those cameras riding on dollies, Steadicam, and the huge 75-foot Technocrane. But DP Taylor Randall thrives on challenge. On the BET+ series All the Queen’s Men, directed by Tyler Perry, they captured in 6K raw, creating flawless UHD masters for BET for Seasons 1 and 2.

“The reason why we went with the Venice was the flexibility of the dual native ISO. I favored the higher base ISO for about ninety percent of the show as we were in low light.” Randall mitigated the camera’s huge sharpness with Tiffen’s Pearlescent and 1/8 Black Pro-Mist filters, as well as the lower-contrast Signature Prime lenses."

For Season 2 he added Tiffen's new Warm Diffusion to the mix including the Antique Black Pearl. "The warm coppertone values allow me to tell the story by adding something extraordinary to the talent. Madam DiVille in the show, played by Eva Marcille, is beautiful and has to look amazing. When you add the filters and lighting together it allows us to show off this flawless, shining super powerful woman. The filters make her skin glimmer and come to life on screen."

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