Carmen Cabana on Tiffen's Chocolate Filter

July 28, 2022

Frame from 'Cartas a Elena' shot by Carmen Cabana, cinematographer. Filters: Black Pro-Mist, Chocolate

"I fell in love with the Chocolate filter because it gives you this beautiful warm look while still looking natural and preserving the different tonalities in the image, unlike other filters which can be very rich and overpowering. Combined with Black Pro Mist it helps give the image a slight softness and I like how my highlights react to it.” Carmen Cabana, Cinematographer

Carmen Cabana's work includes 25 independent features as well as Netflix's "Resident Evil" series; Marvel & Disney+ "Ms Marvel"; Hulu's new series "High Fidelity"; Lionsgate/Starz LatinX "Vida S1 and S2", Netflix's “Narcos" Season 2. She has been recognized in magazines like Variety as one of the most promising filmmakers ("10 Cinematographers to Watch List" Nov/2020) and "Below the Line report Up Next" (Aug/2016). Carmen has filmed in 16 U.S. states and in Mexico, Cuba, South Africa and Colombia.


Carmen Cabana, Director of Photography

For her breakthrough feature, Cartas a Elena, Director of Photography Carman Cabana selected an array of Tiffen filters including: Black Pro-Mist, Chocolate, NDs, Low Cons, and Polas. She says "It was a very indie film but landed a theatrical release in over 100 screens between LA, Mexico, Costa Rica and Spain." It is available now on Apple TV.


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