Tiffen Tech Day 2022: Celebrating the Tiffen Community

June 27, 2022

DP Eve M. Cohen, DP George Mooradian ASC, DP Christian Sebaldt ASC, Andy Romanoff moderator, DP Jendra Jarnagin, DP Bill Bennett ASC, DP John Matysiak

The joint was jumping when Tiffen opened up their Burbank Technical Center for a Sunday of in-person tech talks, panels, hands-on demos, and long-needed mingling. The showroom was filled all day as people suited up in the latest Steadicam-M2 complete with the Volt, peered through filters and caught up with industry colleagues.


 Garrett Brown speaking at Tiffen Tech Day 2022

In the new Tiffen theatre attendees enjoyed live conversations with filmmakers. The crowd enthusiastically welcomed Steadicam's Garrett Brown for a rare personal retrospective about how his invention of Steadicam altered his path and forever opened up the potential of camera movement.

Steven Poster, ASC, speaking at Tiffen Tech Day 2022

Next up was Steven Poster ASC, whose dedication to cinematography is exemplified by his filmmaking and his legacy of serving his peers as past president of both the ASC and the International Cinematographers Guild (ICG, IATSE Local 600). An avid instructor and technologist, he showed attendees a glimpse into the newest line in development—Tiffen Fogs. But it was his work on cult classic Donnie Darko in 2001, that kept hands raised.

Diffusion Confusion? turned out to be a standing room only topic as cinematographers Bill Bennett ASC, George Mooradian ASC, Christian Sebaldt ASC, John Matysiak, Eve Cohen, and Jendra Jarnagin joined moderator Andy Romanoff discussing personal philosophies, tips 'n tricks, calculated moves and happy mistakes made during days on set.  

Tiffen's Nic Somera hosted the Moving Camera session with Rob Vuona SOC, known for his live production Steadicam work, Jessica Lopez (SteadiJess) who just finished doing Steadicam work on Lincoln Lawyer, and Charles Papert DP and inventor of the ZeeGee rig.

Women in Media Panel

Women in Media founder Tema Staig moderated an animated conversation with honorees of the WIM + ZEISS Altitude Awards, including cinematographer Jendra Jarnagin (2nd place Winner), Veronica Bouza (4th Place Winner), and semi-finalists Crystal Kelly and Sarah Thomas Moffat, who discussed their winning works and career paths.

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