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Tiffen Filters

4x5.650" Combination IRND / Glimmerglass Filter

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Combining three distinct effects within a single filter, the 4 x 5.65" IRND Glimmerglass Filter from Tiffen offers a 2 stop exposure reduction, attenuates infrared wavelengths, and slightly softens skin details while adding a glowing quality to highlights. Intended for use with high definition video capture with CMOS and CCD sensors, this filter compensates for the extended red sensitivity of these sensor designs in order to produce cleaner, more accurate colors and also takes the over-sharpened "digital edge" off for a smoother image quality. The filter is constructed from water white optical glass for maintained clarity and measures 4 x 5.65" / 101.6 x 143.5mm to pair well with lightweight or clip-on matte boxes.

  • Alleviating the need to use multiple filters at once, this filter combines three distinct effects to reduce the number of filter surfaces in use.
  • IRND 0.6 filter offers a 2 stop exposure reduction to permit working with longer shutter speeds or wider aperture settings than normally required.
  • Infrared attenuating design is proportionate to the neutral density value, and helps to ensure clean, accurate colors and true blacks.
  • Glimmerglass effect produces glowing highlights; helps to soften skin details, blemishes, and wrinkles; and offers a slight reduction in contrast for a more ethereal image appearance
  • When viewed from the subject's perspective, the filter appears to be sparkling and helps to instill confidence in models, resulting in a potentially better performance.
  • No. 1 diffusion strength provides the most amount of softening, and is greater than the 1/2 strength.
  • Constructed from water white optical glass for maintained image quality.
  • Measures 4 x 5.65" / 101.6 x 143.5mm and is ideally suited for use with lightweight clip-on matte boxes.