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Steadicam X3 3rd Arm

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The Steadicam X3 expands an operator’s ability to put the camera anywhere the shot requires with maximum comfort and mobility. It provides a 50% increase in boom range for a variety of Steadicam arms* from the traditional 29 inches all the way to 44 inches. That’s nearly four feet of boom range, which can reduce the frequency of switching between low mode and high mode saving time and energy on set. By including the Steadicam X3 into your kit you can take your operating to a whole new level.

*Supported arms include: Steadicam G-70x, G-50x, Ultra, Master Series, EFP, IIIa


The Steadicam X3 attaches to the back rods of the Steadicam Fawcett Exovest™ quickly and without tools. Once attached, the X3 can be adjusted for width to fit a variety of body sizes. The end of the X3 includes an integrated socket block so the Steadicam arm attaches in the traditional way. Just like a Steadicam arm, the lift and ride of the Steadicam X3 can be adjusted quickly and easily without removing the rig. And the Steadicam X3 is easily reversibly via 4 pins to switch between regular and goofy operating orientation.

Operating Manual Guide