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The Davis & Stanford Magnum XG with the FX13 head is an absolute beast of a tripod. It’s sturdy secure and some very handy features on it that you may not expect on a tripod. This is definitely more than three legs and screw. I was lucky enough to take this tripod out in the field and use it shooting on my recent South West trip, where high winds and close proximity to rough waters truly tested my faith in the Davis & Stanford Magnum XG.MORE


The Davis & Sanford PROVISTA7518XB tripod and the FM 18 head are designed ford DSLR videographers who want a stable tripod that will eliminate camera shake but also smoothly pan and tilt.MOREThe_photoblographerThe_photoblographer


Davis & Sanford is a company that has been producing tripods designed in New York City for nearly 80 years now. The tripod comes with the FX13 head which has their built-in fluid system which will allow smooth movement for video or quick movement for fast paced stills.MORE


The Davis and Sanford Fusion 3-Section Tripod can support an 8lb load while the unit itself only weighs 3.7lbs. Its constructed out of high-strength plastic combined with lightweight aluminum to make it strong and solid. …But what really makes it unique is that it employs a fluid head, which makes it ideal for videographers.MORE