Stan Evans on Tiffen Filters

August 23, 2022

Photo uses Tiffen Warm Black Diffusion Filter

Summer Solstice with @msmelodyrae by @icanshootanything@stanevansphoto

"Sometimes the simplest ideas give the best rewards. Melody and I met on a plane some months ago and hatched a plan to do some shooting but the best-laid plans often fall to circumstance, getting delayed and postponed till finally, we had a free summer evening.

An impromptu run and gun. No stylist, makeup artist, assistant, creative director, or agenda. A gentle reminder that sometimes spontaneity manifests the best results and you have to trust your head and your heart.

The best creative tools are often intuition and whom you surround yourself with."

- Stan Evans, Portrait Photographer

Tiffen Filters used in collection: Tiffen Double Fog, Tiffen Glimmerglass, and Tiffen Warm Black Diffusion Filter!

You can view Stan's entire 'Summer Solstice' collection here: 

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