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The Steadicam M-2 is the most revolutionary Steadicam system ever. With full Volt integration at the push of a button and a modular design that offers hundreds of configuration options, the M-2 gives each operator more choices to create a system that fits their needs without compromise. Keep it light and nimble for broadcast and ENG or build it up for television and feature film work.



The Steadicam® M-1 is a modular camera stabilizer designed specifically for HD broadcast, feature film, and all demanding camera operating requirements.

The highly adaptive and open architecture of the Steadicam M-1 allows for extreme system configuration and quickly accommodates industry standard cameras and accessories. The core of the Steadicam M-1 is built around rigid, all-aluminum base and stage frames; high modulus of rigidity and indexed carbon fiber telescopic posts; and an ultra-high precision gimbal.

A small fraction of the many features that come standard on the new Steadicam M-1 are three true HD lines, multiple high-amperage power ports top and bottom, and a vernier adjustable tilthead.



The lightweight commercial-quality Steadicam Archer2 has an extensive array of innovative new features to enhance quick set-ups/tear-downs, and 3 standard modes to choose from, is designed to accommodate a wide range of operating needs.

Standard with the new Archer2 is a 12/24V pivoting battery mount, HD ready wiring, 2-section telescopic carbon fiber post, no-tools operation, new “sure grip” gimbal handle, new multi-section light weight Iso-elastic™ G-50x arm, state-of-the-art ergonomically designed LX vest, and “open access” tilting camera mounting stage with optional remote controlled stage motors.

The Archer2 is designed for precise handling, first and foremost. Its narrow 3.2”/8.1cm sled width with yoke mounted monitor and precision adjustable battery assure optimum operational freedom. The sleek lightweight sled design allows it to be kept closer to the operator’s body and results in less fatigue and allows an operator more options, such as maneuvering through tighter spaces.



The Zephyr incorporates the same revolutionary features that previously won the coveted DV Professional Association’s “Best of Show” at NAB for Steadicam.

Style, functionality, flexibility and affordability all wrapped within the Steadicam Zephyr. A new innovative approach to camera stabilizer design, the Steadicam Zephyr has a host of “future proof” features that allow it to be a versatile and an ever-evolving essential tool for camera stabilization needs.



The Steadicam Aero is lightweight and modular for compact storage and easy transportation. The sled is also tool-free for quick adjustments and field maintenance.

Available in two different configurations, the Aero 15 and the Aero 30, the Steadicam Aero is the perfect complement for professional image-makers looking to stabilize and support their equipment.

Image by Dixie Dixon


The Steadicam Steadimate is a brilliant device that allows operators to attach a Steadicam arm and vest to motorized gimbal stabilizers including the DJI Ronin® and Freefly MōVI®. Simply swap out one of the handles of your motorized gimbal mount and replace it with the Steadimate. From there, the Steadimate serves as the handle of your handheld motorized gimbal, but now advantageously equipped with an arm post for attaching a stabilizing arm.



The Steadicam Steadimate-S offers operators increased freedom, endurance, and creative opportunity when working with single-handed motorized stabilizers like the DJI Ronin-S®. By pairing a single-handed stabilizer with a body-worn stabilizer they can be operated for hours with minimal fatigue while maintaining a wide range of vertical movement and adding full panning ability and “low-mode” operation.




The Volt System is a tool that provides Steadicam operators with horizontal stabilization, giving them the ability to easily transition between fully manual and auto assist modes. The Volt System seamlessly integrates into an existing sled, providing greater opportunity for content creation without jeopardizing stability.

The two pound Volt system is unique in that it mounts directly to the gimbal, therefore adding no weight or height to the stage or base. Garrett Brown, Inventor of the Steadicam said “This is the most significant advancement in operating since the invention of the Steadicam over 40 years ago”.



The Steadicam Air brings versatility back to the monopod. With its air lift spring, the Air makes it easy for professional photographers and cinematographers to raise their heights and never miss a moment. Available in two different configurations, a 25 lb. and a 15 lb. weight capacity, the Air is the perfect complement for professional image-makers looking to stabilize and support their equipment.


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