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The Tiffen Fog filter mimics the effect of natural fog, creating a soft glow and flare and producing a warm romantic tone. A natural fog causes lights to glow and flare.  Contrast is generally lower, and sharpness may be affected as well.  Fog filters mimic this effect of atomized water droplets in the air.  The soft glow can be used to make lighting more visible, make it better felt by the viewer.  The effect of humidity in, say, a tropical scene can be created or enhanced.  In lighter grades, these filters can take the edge off excess contrast and sharpness.  Heavier grades can create unnatural effects, as for fantasy sequences.

Double Fog

Have milder flare and softening characteristics than standard Fog filters while exhibiting a much greater effect on contrast, especially in the stronger grades.  A very thick natural fog will still allow close-up objects to appear sharp.  So will a Double Fog filter.  The key to the effect is the much lower contrast combined with a minimal amount of highlight flare.

Cool Day For Night

Day for Night filters are a great way to create the look of night during the day without the hassle. Combined with proper exposure compensation, Tiffen Day for Night filters are an easy and cost effective way to create a realistic dusk or nighttime appearance when filming during the day, simplifying production requirements. These filters will save the expense of what might be extensive lighting needed for large areas when actually shooting at night, instead of making use of available sunlight. The Cool Day for Night is based on the perception that moonlight is cool, therefore bluish in color. To simulate a feeling of moonlight, a particular shade of lavender is used, producing visual coolness while maintaining realistic flesh tones.


Adds a warm, pale greenish-brown coloration across the entire image to provide a nostalgic, old-fashioned appearance. The solid color design makes this filter well-suited to pairing with other filters for further control over the appearance of imagery. The 2 color density provides less sepia coloration than the 3 density, but more than the 1 density filter.

Center Spot

Is a softening filter that allows you to maintain sharp, clear focus in the center of the image while blurring the perimeter of the frame. This helps to isolate your central subject matter while softening the surrounding areas.


Special effects filter designed to render a single light ray from a point light source. This filter features a single series of etched lines spaced 2mm apart from each other, which run diametrically across the filter surface. This filter is set in a non-rotating mount and can be used in conjunction with a filter holder or other filter to adjust the orientation of the light ray to suit your composition or desired effect.


What would special effects filters be without our star collection, generate photographic excitement with these dazzling star effects created from original point light sources or bright reflections.  The Star effect will become more pronounced with a brighter, larger source.  Filter may be rotated for creative control.

Lighting can be enhanced in ways that go beyond what exists in nature. Star filters create points of light, like “stars,” streaking outward from a central light source. This can make lighting within the scene take on a more glittering, glamorous appearance. This effect is produced by a series of thin lines etched into the flat optical surface of a clear filter.  These lines act as cylindrical lenses, diffracting light points into long thin lines of light running perpendicular to the etched lines.  Lines on the filter positioned horizontally produce vertically oriented star lines.

Hollywood Star

is designed to be used perpendicular to a point light source such as the sun, a light bulb, or a candle. Within the filter’s surface is a combination of fine, etched line types that help to create a starburst effect with 14 asymmetric primary diffraction spikes that extend from the light source.

Hyper Star

Is a cross screen filter providing a more natural, less synthetic appearance than a conventional star effect filter. This filter produces approximately 14 reflected light points, stemming from specular highlights, in different shapes and lengths. This effect is caused by thinly etched lines on the surface of the filter.

Vector Star

Creates multiple points of light, or “stars,” streaking outward from a central light source. This filter comes in a rotating mount for critical placement of the star effect.

Various Star Points

The size and brightness of the star lines produced are first a function of the size, shape, and brightness of the light source. You have additional control through the choice of a particular spacing between the lines on the filter.  Generally these spacings are measured in millimeters.  A 1mm spacing has twice as many lines per unit area as a 2mm spacing.  It will produce a brighter star for any given source.  Spacings offered generally range from 1mm to 4mm, as well as both narrower and wider for specialty effects.

The number of directions that lines run in determines the number of points produced. Lines in one direction produce a two-pointed star, just a streak through the center of the light.  There are 4, 6, 8, 12 and more points available.

3 Essential Filters

There are three essential filters that should be in every photographers bag of tricks, this page explained about Special Effect filters. A UVP filter or UV Protector filter and UV Control filters basically protect your camera lens are the first essential filter, they not only protect your lens from the elements, drops, scratches and other accidents, they absorb UV light and can be kept on your camera lens at all times. You can learn more about Tiffen’s line of UV Protection and Absorption Filters by clicking here.

The second essential filter is the Polarizing filter, basically polarizing filters reduce glare which may wash out an image, producing dramatically blue skies, polarizers will also remove glare from non-metallic surfaces, such as windows and water, something that would require lots of retouching afterwards. There are different types of polarizers, the circular polarizer being the most common, you can get information about our complete line of Polarizing Filters by clicking here.

The third essential filter is the Neutral Density, there are also different types of Neutral Density filters, they help prevent overexposure and can highlight a subject by making the foreground or background out of focus. You can learn more about ND Filters by clicking here.

Although their not necessarily essential filters our Special FX filters can be combined together, because they are double threaded, so you can get creative and experiment with some pretty wild photographic effects straight out of the camera.


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