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Lowel Go Lite for Wedding Photography

by Tiffen Company on February 26, 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if we can always photograph weddings and details in room filled with natural light? Sadly, this is hardly the case. I would be lucky if there are even windows at the dinner reception hall and the sun was still out by the time I get to photograph any reception details.

Enter the Lowel Go-Lite! I am honoured to be able to get my hands on this portable LED light and was able to do a hands on review when I photographed the wedding details.

Tiffen Lowerl Go Lite Review

  • Lowel Go Lite Compact LED Light with 54 Super Bright LEDS
  • Tungsten Diffusion Filter
  • Translucent Diffusion Filter
  • Softbox

What I like about the Go-Lite

This LED light weighs like nothing – light enough that you can hold it with one hand and still control the DSLR in the other hand.

The diffusion filter and softbox attachments are zero hassle. I LOVE that it’s a magnetic attachment so I can easily swap the filters on the go (I suppose that’s why it’s called the Go-Lite). In the image below I’m swapping out the orange diffusion panel for the softbox to illuminate the pair of heels.

Tiffen Lower Go Lite Review

Operated on AA batteries, this camera is so compact that you can literally fit this into your coat pocket if you run out of space in your camera bag.

What surprised me was the brightness of this little light. I didn’t think that it would pack such a big punch! I never use it on full power because this is VERY bright. There is a 10-step electronic dimmer.

I love using LED lights over flash because you can see what you will get. It makes it easier to visualize the final product during a time crunch.

Tiffen Lowel Go Lite LED Review

How I Used the Light

This dessert table (stunningly handcrafted by Olivia Yang Cake Studio) that I photographed was placed against a wall, far away from the window. It was a really cloudy day and the light was really flat causing the white details on the desserts to just fade into the background. The Lowel Go-Lite helps bring these details back to life by giving it dimension! I hand held the light using my left hand and light the object at an angle to create shadows.

This light is perfect for photographing smaller details such as rings, desserts, shoes, food, etc. basically the wedding details!

Lowel Go Lite Behind The Scenes Photoshoot Toronto Wedding Photographer

Before and After Images

The left image was shot WITHOUT the Go-Lite and the right image was shot WITH the Go-Lite lighting it from an angle. Without the light, the images look more dull and boring.

Lowel Go Lite Behind The Scenes Photoshoot Toronto Wedding Photographer

Lowel Go Lite Behind The Scenes Photoshoot Toronto Wedding Photographer 

Lowel Go Lite Behind The Scenes Photoshoot Toronto Wedding Photographer

I hope this Lower Go-Lite review was helpful! I can see many applications for this Go-Lite and I know this will be in my camera bag when I photograph weddings.


Written by Guest Writer: Anita Cheung 

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