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Steadicam AIR Spreader

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  • Easy to install, replaces the standard rubber foot in minutes
  • Increases stability of the monopod for more comfortable single hand operation
  • Legs fold up for easy storage and will fit in the standard Steadicam AIR travel bag while attached
  • Adjustable friction ball head allows Steadicam AIR monopod to dynamically tilt or be locked at a desired angle.
**Steadicam AIR Monopod not included. Click here to purchase.

The Steadicam AIR Spreader is a screw in 3-leg base option for the Steadicam AIR-15 and AIR-25 monopods. It increases the overall stability of the monopod and provides a more comfortable operation.

The spreader can be installed in minutes by simply unscrewing the post connecting standard rubber foot and replacing it with the spreader. Once attached, the spreader legs fold up to allow the monopod to be packed in the standard Steadicam AIR carrying case. The spreader has an adjustable friction ball head at the top that allows the angle of the monopod to be adjusted and locked into place. The Steadicam AIR Spreader makes the best monopod on the market even better.