Close-up lenses are essentially diopters that you place over your lens in order to lessen the minimum focus distance by the amount specified on the filter. These filters are constructed from premium ColorCore glass for optical clarity and feature an aluminum filter ring with dual threads for ease when combining with other filters.

  • These filters decrease the minimum focus distance of any lens, providing macro-like results.
  • +1, +2, and +4 strengths allow you to vary and modify your desired close-up amount.
  • Dual threading permits you to combine the filters together or pair with other types of filters.
  • Available in kits or sold individually


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3 Essential Filters

There are three essential filters that should be in every photographers bag of tricks, this page explained about the different types of Tiffen Close Up filters. A UVP filter or UV Protector filter and UV Control filters basically protect your camera lens are the first essential filter, they not only protect your lens from the elements, drops, scratches and other accidents, they absorb UV light and can be kept on your camera lens at all times. You can learn more about Tiffen’s line of UV Protection and Absorption Filters by clicking here.

The second essential filter is the Polarizing filter, basically polarizing filters reduce glare which may wash out an image, producing dramatically blue skies, polarizers will also remove glare from non-metallic surfaces, such as windows and water, something that would require lots of retouching afterwards. There are different types of polarizers, the circular polarizer being the most common, you can get information about our complete line of Polarizing Filters by clicking here.

The third essential filter is a Neutral Density, there are also different types of Neutral Density filters, they help prevent overexposure and can highlight a subject by making the foreground or background out of focus. You can learn more about ND Filters by clicking here.


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