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4 x 4

4 x 4" Skyfire Graduated Filter

$ 312.00 USD

  • SKU: 44CGSF1

The Tiffen 4 x 4" Skyfire Graduated Filter helps to specifically add a unique orange to yellow gradient to skies and other bright areas of an image while allowing a portion of the image to remain neutrally colored. The filter's coloring is densest at the edge and tapers to clear by the middle, with a soft-edged transition between the density and clear areas. The 2 color density provides less skyfire coloration than the 3 density, but more than the 1 density filter.

  • Simulates or Enhances sunset or sunrise
  • Creates mood or drama
  • Graduates Clear to orange/red
  • Can be combined with other Filters
  • Works with Tiffen PRO100 System
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