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Tiffen Filters

Pro100 with Solid & Soft-Edge Grad Starter Filter Kit

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This Tiffen Pro100 ND Starter Filter Kit contains a Pro100 Series Camera Filter Holder and two anodized aluminum-alloy adapter rings for attaching to lenses with front filter thread diameters of 77mm or 82mm. A compatible 4-stop, solid neutral density filter as well as a soft-edge graduated ND 1.2 filter are also provided, plus a filter pouch for storage and transport.

  • Holder for Filters 100mm-Wide, 4mm-Thick
  • 77mm Aluminum-Alloy Adapter Rings
  • Solid ND Filter
  • Darkens Entire Image
  • Allows Reduced Shutter Speed
  • Allows Wider Aperture
  • Graduated ND Filter
  • Soft-Edged Line of Transition
  • Reduce Exposure in Selective Areas
  • Padded Pouch

The included solid neutral density filter allows you to photograph with a wider aperture or longer shutter speed than normally required in order to better control depth of field and convey movement more easily; while the graduated ND filter helps to darken specific areas of an image, such as bright skies, while allowing for a normal, unaffected exposure in the other regions of the image. The graduated ND filter is densest at the edge and tapers to clear by the middle, with a soft-edged line of transition between the dense and clear areas. A neutral density filter with a soft-edged line of transition is particularly useful for images that do not have a strongly defined transition between the sky and the foreground. Neutral density filters do not affect the coloration of the image and this graduated ND filter provides up to a 4-stop reduction in light from entering a lens.

This kit's Tiffen Pro100 Series Camera Filter Pouch provides a secure and convenient transport and storage solution for any combination of up to four 4 x 4" rectangular filters or four 94mm circular filters. Filters placed within this pouch can be easily accessed by opening its hook-and-loop fastened lid which features a label window along the top. While inside, filters are kept separated among three partitions and are protected by a soft and nonabrasive polyester interior-lining, plus padding against the pouch's front and back. The pouch's exterior consists of ballistic nylon for water-resistance, and an integrated belt loop with a touch tab closure is located along the rear side.